LEGO: Build Your Escape

LEGO: Build Your Escape




In 2019-20, LEGO began investing heavily in growing the demand space for products for adult builders. This includes an adult-focus across the portfolio of products, supported by increase in communication to the adult segment.

This campaign was a pilot, originally focused on the UK market, to identify whether appetite and product demand could be provoked by direct to consumer communication.


To succeed in communicating to adults, LEGO needs to combat two key challenges - relevance and awareness. Adults perceive LEGO as a toy, and toys are for kids. And even if they do think LEGO is something they might like to buy for themselves, we have an enormous barrier to entry: LEGO sits in the toy aisle.

But we do have a way in! Our target audience is busier than ever. So busy, that they are actively pursing mechanisms to relax and unwind. We’ve seen the growth of relaxation apps, adult colouring books and yoga, as our audience searches for zen.

Our challenge was to reposition LEGO as a tool that enables adults to rewind, relax and find their zen through building. Our creative should showcase the zen-like experience of LEGO building, in contrast with a frenetic excerpt of daily life.

Focus on consideration and conversion channels, with heavy weighting towards digital. Heavy spend across paid social and ecommerce, including Amazon.


Consideration Video Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Amazon)

We launched our campaign with a fortnight of consideration messaging. We used a series of ‘Build Your Escape’ vignettes, cut in social and commerce formats, and ran them across key awareness platforms, with a specific focus on Facebook, Instagram and Amazon. To maximise opportunities across the platforms, native formats were created - for example vertical video for Instagram Stories.

The focus of these vignettes was to grab the attention of adults, and let them know that there is an appropriate adult product offering from LEGO.

Our ads were targeted at audiences who had recently searched for products that over-index as zen activities, for example adult colouring books, yoga products, complex jigsaw puzzles and self-help books about how to de-stress and relax.

Conversion Ads.png

Conversion Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Amazon)

Once we had acquired and built a strong audience pool for the campaign, we re-targeted the warm leads who most interacted with our content, with a series of conversion messages across platforms.

These ad formats included Facebook Collection Ads, Canvas Ads, Carousel Ads, Amazon display banners, and shoppable Instagram posts.


An overwhelming success.

The Build Your Escape campaign was an overwhelming success.

In addition to achieving the highest ROAS (return on advertising spend) of any LEGO campaign for the year, we also had enormous success in PR, with more than 60 media outlets in the United Kingdom picking up on our message to adults. This included coverage in print and digital editions of The Drum, The Telegraph, and the Daily Mail.

The campaign was so successful that additional LEGO markets beyond the campaign picked up the campaign, with the new adult platform being extended to the US and other European markets throughout 2019.