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Chasing the Perfect Latte in Warsaw, Poland

After a fortnight of wandering through the Middle East and Georgia, I was relieved to land in Warsaw and get my hands on a latte. This was my first visit to Poland, and prior to this trip, the Eastern European coffee scene had remained an unknown quality to me.

Turns out, just like the lively and colourful capital itself, Warsaw's hip and trendy cafes serve up nothing but good vibes and great experiences. Setting out on foot across the city, I was left incredibly impressed by the local barista culture, and the quality of the local roasting. Whether I was chasing a single-origin filter or an Australian-style flat white, I was constantly blown away and never left disappointed. 

Here are some highlights of my six-day caffeine bender in a city I completely fell in love with. If you only have a few days in Poland's capital, make sure you navigate your way through this list to satisfy your morning pick-me-up. 

Tamka 33, Warsaw

Filtry Cafe
Niemcewicza 3, Ochota, Warsaw

Ministerstwo Kawy
Marszałkowska 27/35, Warsaw

Niezle Ziólko
Krucza 17, Warsaw